machtec Woodmax 2137

CNC Router for processing composite, MDF, aluminum, etc. panels
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Technical specifications

Technical data:

• Overall size: 2700 × 4800
• Working area: 2100 × 3700
• Italian spindle HSD, with ceramic bearings and power 9 kW, 24,000 rpm
• Movement on axles by servo motors:
• X axis - 2 pieces 2kw servo motor
• Y axis - 1 piece 2kw servo motor
• Z axis - 1 piece 1kw servo motor with brake
• 30 mm linear guide rails
• BORVERK system in which the linear guides are "dug" into an additional metal profile for greater stability when operating at high machine speeds
• FALCON industrial computer control
• ARTCAM licensed CAD CAM software
• Aluminum top, series 7000
• Axial sensor stops to prevent errors and possible damage to the machine
• Shop with automatic change, for 14 tools, with aluminum holders, located under the portal, for faster work
• Automatic reset on the Z axis
• Emergency stop on each axle
• Air cooling of the spindle
• Automatic lubrication of the linear guides
• Chassis - solid steel structure
• Preparation for aspiration for chip suction
• Oil vacuum system for fixing the panels - 8 zone
• Weight - 4000 kg.

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