inomachinery XP 8000

4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center
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Technical specifications

• Servo motor 4 Axis CNC controlled Gantry type machining centre,
• Bridge system supports perfect allignment of the spindle moving on the profile and 0,1mm./1m. Accuracy.
• Double servo motor system on both sides of the bridge makes the machine work smoothly without any vibration.
• 7.5 kW high speed spindle works up to 24.000 rpm and is able to work on very thick profiles from the top and all intermediate angles between 0-180 degrees. Perfect CNC Controller provides the most accurate profile machining.
• The alloys that can be processed on the machine: Aluminium up to 20 mm wall thickness – steel up to 8 mm wall thickness – light alloys such as PVC and etc.
• The XP 8000 has 8 profile clamps that are with AUTOMATIC POSITIONING. All clamps has rigid connection pieces and move on linear guides with bearings.
• 450 mm X 350 mm Profile processing from the top and 350 mm. X 350 mm. Profile processing in 4 axis, which is a giant size, compared to the competitors.
• Thanks to 8 positions tool magazine placed on the side of the machine, it is possible to carry any tool b/w 1 mm – 20 mm tool diameter and 300 mm of disc cutter. The disc cutter is vital for alu windows&doors&sliding series processing. In case the disc cutter i placed in the tool magazine, the magazine capacity falls down to 6 tools.
• Waste pieces are isolated by the machine cover and extracted by the CE norm waste piece extraction conveyor belt. In this way all the waste pieces are kept in one place and the thee are no waste pieces sticked around the machine.
• CAD-CAM software is specially designed for the easiest way of processing profiles. The system starts workig with the import of DXF drawings of the profile that will be processed. It is extremely easy to program the profile, make demo before it works, help to work out time study and keep the work done in the HDD of the machine easily.
• The (optional) TWIN working mantality makes the operator to load and offload the profiles without loosing time and it increases the capacity of the machine no less than 50%.

Axis information:
• X axis net processing length: 7.300 mm. – Double station
• Y axis net processing width: 450 mm.
• Z axis net processing depth: 350 mm.
• The body: Vibration free steel chasis, processed with the highest accuracy before mounting the linear accessories.
• Spindle Heads: 7.5 kw 1.000 -24.000 rpm spindle with one inverter adjusted for any rotation speed to work in 4 Axis.

Axis technical information:
• Gantry Type X axis is working on crackmil and pignon with brushless servo motors and guided by linear guides from the both endings of the bridge with 80 mt./min speed. Servo motors are in communication to give the best accuracy.
• 2 Pieces servo motors working GANTRY: 2.4 kW – 10 Nm – 5.000 rpm. – with 1/10 geared 120 mm body. Y axis is working on crackmil and pignon with brushless servo motors and guided by linear guides with 60 mt./min speed.
• 1.6 kW – 4 Nm – 4.000 rpm. – with 1/10 geared 120 mm body.
• Z axis works with a screw mill and brushless brake type servo motor with a speed of 25 mt./min.
• 1.6 kW – 4 Nm – 4.000 rpm. – with 20 mm diameter 20 pitch screw mill and 1/1 reduction.
• A – Axis: 0,2 kW – 1,0 Nm – 5.000 rpm. – with Cycloid Harmonic Reducer 1/120 geared zero beklasch.
• All servo motors are working with ABSOLUTE ENCODERS so there is no need for making homing.

Technical Parameters:
• Total installed power: 27 kW / 50A / 480V / 60 Hz.
• Air pressure and air consumption: 6-8 Bar. – 90 L/min.
• Net dimensions: 9.200 X 2.300 X 3.000 mm.
• Packing dimensions: 9.500 X 2.300 X 2.300 mm.
• Machine weight: 4.500 Kgs.

Pneumatic Profile Clamps:
• 450 mm. large clamping section.
• Automatic positioning.
• Each clamp’s refernce point and the piston can be removed and adjusted according to the customers’ choice.
• Any kind of mould or fixture equipment can be connected easily.

• Referance points: 2 pneumatic pieces for TWIN working.
• Profile clamps: 8 pieces – automatic positioned
• CAD-CAM Software: Uni_Link – 4 Axis – 2 Licances
• Waste piece extraction roller conveyor: CNC controlled

• 12 Axis RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point) type of 4 Axis simultaniously interpolating real CNC controller.
• Italian technology with the software and all the hardware.
• 19” Touchpanel + the CNC controller + the power supply + servo motors + servo drivers with Can-Open.
• Movable CNC controller terminal with the PC + keyboard + Mouse + operator buttons mounted.
• Electric system and the cabinet with the cooling system.
• Easy to get support over teamviewer connection.
• AC Inverter for adjusting the speed of the spindle 0-24.000 rpm.
• Tool measurement probe
• Handwheel Dry run
• Changing the home position

• PC based CNC controller
• Cooling fan on the electrics cabinet
• Emergency button

Routing heads:
• High speed spindle with ceramic bearings.
• Air cooling system.
• Spindle 7.5 kW 24.000 rpm.
• IS0 SK 30 Type Tool Holders
• 5-6-8-10-12-14-20 mm Collet Set
• Cutter set
• Disc cutter set: 300 mm.

• Users manual
• Electric scheme

CNC spray mist coolant system
• Trico model
• Mounted on the Z axis

• Design, R&D and application are carried through the vast experinece of ino machinery team and Uni_Link engineers in Belgium.
• The perfect optimization of economic profile working in 3,4 and 5 Axis.
• Importing of DXF files and converting them to 3D images.
• Generating G-codes over the DXF files
• Understanding of the operations on the DXf files and auto-tooling
• Also availbale in Office verson with a perfect simulation interface, so that the one working at the Office will also prepare the profile machining programs just like he is beside the machine.
• Incredibly user friendly for the operator and also for the Office responsbile who will prepare the machining files in the Office.
• CNC clamp management and collusion control.
• Auto positioning of the profiles on the clamps according to the operations on the profiles.
• Macro creation for each operation and placing them on the profile automatically.
• Independent form the size of the prfoile it is possible to place any operation on the same profile in different legth parametricly.
• All the profiles that will be machined, will be listed on the machine HMI and operator wil lonly have to press the start button.
• Ability to work with all Windows and Doors production softwares like Schücal or Orgadata or similar.
• Ability to prepare cut-list optimization for the double mitre saw and import in .csv format. Optionally barcode genaration from the cutting machine and reading by the machining center is availbale.
• This software is the easiest software in the market and the richest software also in capabilities.

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