risus RZ 7000B

Automatic Folding And Welding Machine
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Technical specifications

  • Designed for fully automatic welding and folding operations of solar screens, roller blinds, awnings, pvc and many different textile products.
  • Pc controlled with touch screen.
  • 6 Welding operations are available such as zipper welding, hem pocket welding, joining fabrics, reinforcement welding, insect screen welding and simple welding.
  • Pocket size is adjustable from touch screen. (min:15mm, max: 50mm)
  • Servo motor is motion controlled.
  • Hem pocket and zipper welding take-in mechanism works automatically by avoiding any manual interruption
  • Ability to perform simultaneous welding for multiple small sized products.
  • Temperature, time and textile parameters can be set and saved to the memory for reuse.
  • 6 meters of welding capacity.
  • Complies with CE standards providing ease and safe usage.

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