ozgenc OMR 114

Automatic PVC Profile Corner Cleaning Machine ( Easy Blade Changing )
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Technical specifications

Designed to clean the corners of PVC profiles from welding seals.
-Easy blade changing ability 8 (change blade in 10-15 seconds)
-Automatic start by profile insertion
-For one cycle cutting devices remove the welding seals on the upper and lower sides and milling cutter on the external angle
-Pneumatic rapid blade change system allows to quickly replace milling cutter groups when making profile system changes
-Automatic device for balanced frame positioning
-Adjustable operation speed
-Adjustable depth of cleaning for cutting devices and milling cutters
-Special shape of a working plate allows to process small frames
-PLC control system
-Strengthen engine bearing axle
-Internal lightning
-Special storage section for milling cutter holders
-The power supply protects system from overvoltage
-Particular care has been taken over the safety measures, both mechanical and electrical
-Couple of cutting devices for the upper and lower cleaning for not coated profiles
-4 items of cutter holders
-Particular care has been taken over the safety measures, both mechanical and electrical
-Power supply protects system from voltage overload

Technicial Specifications
-Power Supply : 380-400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz
-Spindle speed : 3000 rpm
-Total Power : 2 kW
-Motor KW : 1,1 kW
-Air Consumption : 11 lt/min
-Air pressure : 6-8 bar
-Machine Height : 1530 mm
-Machine Length : 850 mm
-Machine Width : 1000 mm
-Machine Weight : 270 kg
-Maximum Machinable Profile Height : 90 mm
-Minimum Machinable Profile Height : 40 mm
-Maximum Machinable Profile Width : 125 mm
-Blade Sleeve Diameter : 32 mm
-Maximum Blade Width : 210 mm
-Length to Clean Blade : 3mm
-Width of Blade to Clean : 0,3mm

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