ozgenc OMRM 136

Corner Crimping Machine for Aluminium Profiles
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Technical specifications

Joining the corners of two aluminium profiles with a wedge placed inside by applying pressure.
-Pneumatic working principle
-2 universal heads supplied with knifes adjustable in 3 axes
-Pneumatic crimping via lever system ensures synchronous movement of the punching heads
-Universal hydropneumatic drop-away stop for easier handling of the frames
-Horizontal and drop-away wedge-shaped clamp ensures correct alignment and gripping of the profiles which are mated during the crimping phases
-3 vertical pneumatic clamps ensure correct positioning and gripping of the profiles in the machine
-Crimping head with knife kit ensures fine position adjustment; it features a quick clamping / unclamping system and is fully
adaptable to any series of workable profiles
-Alignment of frame with side stops
-Hydropneumatic locking of the stop
-2 footswitch control
-2 pairs of standard crimping knives 4/6 mm
-Supporting arms for profiles (right & left)
-Particular care has been taken over the safety
-measures, both mechanical and electrical

Technicial Specifications
-Air pressure : 6-8 Bar
-Hydraulic Printing : 100-120 Bar
-Pressing Power : 3250 kgf
-Minimum Profile Height : 60 mm
-Maximum Profile Height : 140 mm
-Maximum Profile Width : 140 mm
-Machine Height: 1350 mm
-Machine Length : 1000 mm
-Machine Width : 1000 mm
-Machine Weight : 320 kg

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