ozgenc OMRMS 112

Automatic Double Corner PVC Profile Welding Machine
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Technical specifications

Automatic Double Corner PVC Profile Welding Machine

-Full automatic control
-Simplified control panel saves time
-Maximum durability of a welding seam
-Welding corner on left head is regulated from 30 ° to 180 ° degrees
-Special blades for limitation welding seal (welding seal thickness from 2 mm. to 0,2 mm.)
-Maximum size of a welded profile – 3500 mm
-Minimum size of a welded profile – 400 mm
-Quick-detachable system of molds saves time at their replacement
-PLC controller by PANASONIC (Japan)
-Heating element has the thermostatic control
-Output of heating element temperature on display
-Adjustable supporting arms for profiles
-Adjustment of heating temperature, welding time and pressure for different kinds of profile
-In system of pressing of a profile (the top cylinders, mobile plates) the precision system linear directing is used. Systems are represented with a rail with special chutes on which the carriage moves.
-Contact between a rail and the carriage is provided with four numbers of balls with recirculation
-Particular care has been taken over the safety measures, both mechanical and electrical
-Power supply protects system from voltage overload

Technicial Specifications
-Power Supply : 380-400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz
-Motor kW: 4,5 Kw, 16A
-Air Consumption : 70 lt/min
-Air pressure : 6-8 bar
-Machine Height : 1700 mm
-Machine Length : 4150 mm
-Machine Width : 1350 mm
-Machine Weight : 620 Kg
-Minimum Boostable Profile Height : 40 mm (180deg), 40 mm (90deg), 40 mm (45deg)
-Maximum Boostable Profile Height : 160 mm (180deg), 160 mm (90deg), 160 mm (45deg)
-Maximum Boostable Profile Width : 130 mm (180deg), 130 mm (90deg), 93 mm (45deg)
-Boostable Frame Minimum Width and Length : 400*400 mm
-Boostable Frame Maximum Width and Length : 3100
-Can Work Angle Range : Min: 30deg Max: 180deg

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