ozgenc RAPIDCUT 500

High Speed Pvc Profile Cutting And Machining Center
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Technical specifications

Our Innovation is approved by The Scientific and Technological Research Council Of Turkey as the first machining and cutting center
that is able to fully process 3000m of pvc profile within 8hours.
Our model is protected by international patent rights.
Field of Application:
All hole drilling, channel slotting, cutting operations are done with high speed.Able to process 3000m in 8 Hour ( +/-300 windows)
General Properties:
-Compatible with all joinery and optimization programs.
-Double unit 3 axes controlled CNC processing center can do all operations on four sides of PVC profiles such as marking, opening key holes, copy routing for water slot milling, hinge holes, handle holes etc.
-Milling unit opens cylinder slot and handle hole with single operation.
-12 high speed special design spindles with air cooling
-3 cutting units for 45°, 135° and 90° degrees
-3 axis profile holder
-Automatic profile handling feature
-Automatic profile size recognition
-It is possible to load profiles between 500mm-6500mm to profile feeding unit.
-3 video cameras that broadcast the work of processing center on the control screen
-Automatic lubrication system.
-High precision profile moving system.
-Profile waste conveyor.
-Remote desktop support.

Technicial Specifications
-Power Supply : 380-400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz
-Total kW : 22 kW
-Motor kW : 2,2 kW
-Air Consumption : 950 lt/min
-Air pressure : 6-8 bar
-Machine Height : 2300 mm
-Machine Length : 14150 mm
-Machine Width : 2300 mm
-Machine Weight : 4700 kg
-Max Cut Profile Thickness : 130 mm
-Maximum Cut Profile Height : 150 mm
-Minimum Thickness Profiles : 30 mm
-Minimum Profile Height : 35 mm
-Number of Saws Used : 3
-Maximum Length of Profile Can Be Loaded : 6500 mm
-Minimum Workable Profile Length : 370 mm
-Maximum Workable Profile Length : 6470 mm
-Saw Outside Diameter : Ø500
-Inside Diameter of Saw : Ø30
-Saw Thickness : 4,2 mm
-Number of Teeth : 120

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